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Sandira Calviac by Carole Omoumi

Sandira started her first company in her teens in London signing clients such as Forensic Science Service (Scotland Yard's equivalent of CSI), which set up the world's first DNA database.

Subsequently she moved to Paris for iBazar (now eBay France) where she built and marketed a consumer site then acquired by LibertySurf (now part of Telecom Italia).

Asked to handle business development partnerships and special projects at 01net (Vivendi Universal), she produced and launched its successful chat service, which is still in use today.

In NY for 9 years, she developed an expertise for the em­erging mobile industry and was one of the first people to evangelize and pioneer QR codes in the US, while spearheading the marketing for Baracoda and Scanbuy.

Prior to joining Seattle Angel Conference, Sandira started, a carpooling site endorsed by Burning Man & featured on the Rachel Maddow Show, as well as the Wall Street Journal and The Observer.

While Sandira’s efforts have contributed to the successful growth and exits of 4 entities, Sandira enjoys photography and exploring. She has lived in Europe, India, New York, Seattle, and is now a San Francisco resident. She can often be found connecting like-minded people, all the while reminiscing about her trans-siberian journey into Mongolia…

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FireChat (Open Garden) on the front page of the Financial Times 

FireChat (Open Garden) on the front page of the Financial Times


Seattle Angel Conference Fall Edition - Dec. 13, 2012

Seattle Angel Conference - Fall Edition 2012

Excited to finally be there...

6 finalists & a terrific program!
And a room full of supportive secret angels...

12:30 Registration
  1:30 Keynote - Phil Gordon - Going All In: 5 Lessons for Startup and Poker Success
  2:30 Session 1 - Pitch 1 - Corengi
  2:50 Session 1 - Pitch 2 - Exo Labs
  3:10 Session 1 - Pitch 3 - Redpoint International
  3:30 Break
  4:00 Session 2 - Pitch 4 - Suncrest Farms
  4:20 Session 2 - Pitch 5 -
  4:40 Session 2 - Pitch 6 - Talk to the Manager
  5:00 Speaker - Wade T. Brooks
  5:30 Break
  6:00 Announce the Winners
  6:15 Networking and Social


Connected loneliness

As a prelude to her new book, Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other, psychologist Sherry Turkle is back at TED, where she spoke for the first time in 1996, to elighten us about the impact of technology on our relationships...

This is definitely a welcome piece! For the past few years, I have indeed advocated on the importance of paying closer attention to the 'social' technology we continuously produce and innovate upon. Ensuring the continuous development of our emotional intelligence is as important as feeding our hunger for higher IQ, now more than ever...

Instead of building tools that are supposed to be an extension of our humanity, we have instead become an extension of the technology itself and turned ourselves into APIs, unable to fully function without the cloud.

Crackberry behaviors have long been adopted outside of the professional arena, feeding the fear of having real non-controlled person-to-person conversations (gateway to intimacy, oulala!). We are already contemplating machine-based companionship for our elderly days...

How many people are telling you "I would rather text than talk"?

When Turkle asked people "What's wrong with having a conversation?", the answer was "I'll tell what's wrong with having a conversation! It takes place in real time, and you can't control what you're gonna say"...

"Texting, email, posting, all of these things let us present the self as we want to be".

"Human relationships are rich, and they're messy, and they're demanding. And we clean them up with technology... over time we seem to stop caring...".

I would love to hear your thoughts, especially from my friends building the next Facebook or the ones who cringe when I dare to pick up the phone to call them... ;-)

More seriously, is teaching the next generation how to be occasionally alone and disconnected from the cloud really the best way to deal with this technology-enhanced shift?


Mobile Hackathon this Sunday @ CES, 20K cash prizes & more by AT&T 

Let's begin the new year with some good news for my fellow mobile entrepreneurs and developers.

For those of you flying to Las Vegas for CES this week, AT&T is putting together a hackathon this Sunday, January 8!

It's a great opportunity for startupers, developers and talented students to launch their app and get the opportunity to market it thanks to the free PR and prizes.

Full details here:
(Use code HDS903 to register for the hackathon)
It's this coming Sunday!

1st Place gets:
•$20k Cash Prize
•Featured in AT&T TV commercial
•Video Interview with Andrew Keen to be posted on TechCrunch
•Six (6) month membership in Alpha API program where we help setup networking events where you get to rub elbows with significant peers
•Three (3) days of AT&T Foundry business and technical support
•One month feature in AT&T Promotional Widget (platform dependent)
•"Back-Stage" meet and greet with Developer Summit Band (up to 4 people)
•Microsoft Xbox 360 + Kinect for the entire team if Microsoft Azure is used as a backend

Feel free to retweet & share with your peers.

Also, they are still open slots for startups & organizations who want to meet up with the AT&T one-on-one.
Email me for that so I can hook you up directly.

Best wishes of health, love and mobile prosperity & May the Force be with You!


P.S. Yes, my sister's name is really Leia... no kidding! Mmmh, what does that make me? Luke?! 


If you love New York City and are curious about Augmented Reality...


Niche dating sites for Geeks + Dating-related panels at SxSW

Keyboard romance, a new fragrance by...

I just came across an ad for Geek 2 Geek, a dating site for... geeks!

It reminded me of a site back in the days. Can anyone remember which one, wasn't it part of CNET or some equivalent?

Anyway, this definitely picked my curiosity and - while looking for the answer - I decided to research the space and find out which other sites are attempting to cater to the romantic needs of fellow geeks and nerds out there.

Here is a sample: 

(Please note these are currently web-based only. So feel free to send me links for mobile and Facebook apps as well as International sites)

South by SouthWest: Where are the experts

Unfortunately, for those will also be in Austin this week for SxSW and were hoping to learn a thing or two about this fascinating industry, it appears there are only a couple of related panels:

 (Again, comments & emails are welcome, should you know of any other panels/events worth mentioning.) 


Geek matchmaking, a new eldorado?

Coming back to our main topic, anyone will agree that nerds and geeks are now part of the pop culture. Thanks to the democratization of Internet and mobile devices and of course the portrayal of nerdy heroes stamped by Hollywood, it has never been so cool to be a nerd.

Content publishers attracting a high volume audience of geeks and nerds may soon decide to seize the day and release their own branded dating platform following the footsteps of more traditional players.

Indeed, both The Guardian's and Condé Nast's have jumped on the opportunity by partnering with The Dating Lab, a white-label company which makes it easy for any substantially important online community site to play at the dating table...

This potential "match made in heaven" for a or IGN could very well help them also get a piece of the pie.

Indeed, TechCrunch and more recently the New York Times have reported on the growthof niche dating sites... But I will leave it up to Business Insider to show us the actual market potential with a lovely chart that would resemble to this one. By the way, how about a customized ;-P



To conclude this piece, let me share with you some retro geeky bonus content:

Geek Dating Flowchart

as well as a Craigslist homage:
Why Geeks and Nerds Are Worth It...

This post is dedicated to my #NYTM single friends.


Essential app for GDC, SxSW, CTIA or some other cool events

I don't know about you, but my month of March is packed with conferences, fairs and tradeshows. Unfortunately I cannot all these great events (except for SxSW!!!). But for those heading to the GDC in San Francisco, CTIA in Orlando, The Book Fair / Salon du Livre in Paris, or SxSW in Austin, then you will understand right away the pain of having to go through literally a couple of hundreds of business cards after each event...

Luckily, ScanBizCards released its new version just on time to make us all more efficient and networking-friendly.

Available on iPhone and Android. I have discount codes for the iPhone version, feel free to ping me for it and please don't forget to rate the app :) 


The next iPhone lost by an Apple employee in a bar

First of all, here is how it supposedly looks like:

Leaked by Gizmodo, the story is centered around an Apple employee who allegedly forgot what seems to be the iPhone 4G to be launched this coming June on a bar counter. The story is well written, yet I found it to be way too focused on the employee, releasing his name and his love for drinking. This guy is now going to have a hard time keeping some privacy. That said, imagine if Gizmodo had 'tactfully' not released his name. Then it would be logical to think that - considering that Apple would have found out who the iPhone owner was anyway - they might have fired him discreetly. Gray Powell is now so famous, it would pretty much be bad publicity for Apple to get rid of him, at least for now.

Some questions remain: how did the soon-to-be launched iPhone leaked onto Gizmodo's hands? and therefore who received those 5,000 dollars Gizmodo paid for it?

In the meantime, here is a fake leak of the iPhone 4G for your amusement: