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Sandira started her first company in her teens in London signing clients such as Forensic Science Service (Scotland Yard's equivalent of CSI), which set up the world's first DNA database.

Subsequently she moved to Paris for iBazar (now eBay France) where she built and marketed a consumer site then acquired by LibertySurf (now part of Telecom Italia).

Asked to handle business development partnerships and special projects at 01net (Vivendi Universal), she produced and launched its successful chat service, which is still in use today.

In NY for 9 years, she developed an expertise for the em­erging mobile industry and was one of the first people to evangelize and pioneer QR codes in the US, while spearheading the marketing for Baracoda and Scanbuy.

Prior to joining Seattle Angel Conference, Sandira started, a carpooling site endorsed by Burning Man & featured on the Rachel Maddow Show, as well as the Wall Street Journal and The Observer.

While Sandira’s efforts have contributed to the successful growth and exits of 4 entities, Sandira enjoys photography and exploring. She has lived in Europe, India, New York, Seattle, and is now a San Francisco resident. She can often be found connecting like-minded people, all the while reminiscing about her trans-siberian journey into Mongolia…

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Green Card Process: Employment Authorization approved!

Screenshot of my current Green Card process

Earlier today, as I was stepping out of my building, I noticed a letter lying on the floor instead of resting in my mailbox. So unlike any other morning, I opened my mailbox - something I never do since I am always rushing out - to place that lost envelop and found a few others in there. Among those letters, one looked rather different, i.e. important. I grabbed it with me, to read it on my way to work.

So here I was walking to the subway while opening that piece of mail. It felt like one of those junk mail containing a fake credit card banks want you to sign up for. But then I unfolded it...

First the USCIS logo from the immigration office starred at me, then that plastic card, shiny and covered with holographic signs. Along with a photo of me, my name and signature, it read in big letters: EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION CARD.

I could not believe this, I re-read it a zillion times, as well as the accompanying letter and all the possible small characters covering it...
"Your Application Has Been Approved"
"USCIS has a guide for new Permanent Residents called Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants"
Tears started to pile up in my eyes, tears that I had stored for the past 7 years... And every time I re-read that letter, more were fighting to get on line.
Hopefully that professional I was meeting in half-hour would not notice...

While waiting for the train, I stared again at the letter and this time, the tears went down my cheeks until I turned to my neighbor - a complete stranger - and told her the news. I had to share this with someone, anyone (and since New York's subway still does not support cellphone calls on the subway... it had to be ANYone...).

PLEASE cross your fingers (and toes!) for me, as this is one more (but not last) step towards the green card...

Thank for your support. I will let you know as I know more...

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    Green Card Process: Employment Authorization approved! - Blog -
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    Green Card Process: Employment Authorization approved! - Blog -
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    Green Card Process: Employment Authorization approved! - Blog -
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That is awesome, congratulations! One of my friends has been looking at some green card lawyers to help him get his green card as well. I know it is a long process, and one that can take some time, but how have you been going through the process and how long has it taken you to reach each milestone? My friend is just starting the whole process and he fears it could take some time.

August 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterChase Howard

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